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Once upon a time, I wrote regularly (or obsessively, depending on who you ask) in a relatively popular livejournal throughout high school and a bit of college, which I eventually abandoned for men, MDMA, and the sort of lewd, rabbit-hole-esque adventures that inspired lovers-acquaintances into adding the prefix "Epic-" to my first name.

I am the sort of writer that needs readers in order to motivate continued and regular posts. I am hoping to find friends who will comment regularly and honestly with opinions regarding what I've written and how I've written it.

I invite those who wish to challenge me and participate in the discourse.


Hello everyone :)

I'm from Russia, and I'm 30 years old. I began my blog on LJ to practice writing in English. I don't write about my life often (is seems rather uninteresting to me most of the time), and I practice the language mostly by translating my sci-fi webcomic "Gifts of wandering ice" into English. I post two pages a week (Mon, Fri).

The comic is about cosy postapocalyptic world where people live in peace and study ancient things melting icebergs bring to their shores. Some "ice gifts" are beautiful, some are dangerous, and some are even alive.

Well, to make a long story short, I'm looking for people who'd like to read a free sci-fi webcomic and maybe (not necessary) are interested in Russia. I'm not into politics, but I can write about everyday life from time to time, and just have a nice chat with you :)
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Hi all!

I'm 33.
A mother of two (8 & 10).
My husband is in the military and has been enlisted for 13 years now.
I'm a combat veteran myeslf.

I write and read paranormal, historical, urban fantasy, and scifi romances. I also read High Fantasy.

I don't have a lot of health issues, but I suffer from PTSD, Depression, and anxiety attacks.

I post about my life with my children and my family and I post about my writings and just normal everyday stuff.

Ask any more questions if you have them and add me if you want!

Short story for FAW meeting 8/8/15

Values - the most important value by which I wish to live by

Growing up Catholic, although I declare to no longer practice this, there are still many values from the bible I choose to live by, including many of the commands like thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill… although the thought has come to mind many a time.

But one value comes to mind above all others is the one translated as Judge not lest ye be judged.

This is a tall ask in today’s society, and a task that many fail. I’m positive that I’m one of many people put on this planet to test everyone else in regards to this value. Many a time people will talk down to me because for some reason, in their mind, obesity equals simple mindedness, after all, how can a fat person control their thoughts if they can’t even control their willpower or eating habits. When I was in school, teachers and other students would judge me because of my health issues.

I, myself, am guilty of being judgemental. I will often judge a book by its cover although I try not to. I tell myself to read the blurb, as it may shed light on a different opinion to what the cover is showing me, and this is often the case.

To not judge people in this era is to have tolerance for all ages, religions, sizes, traits and characteristics. This is far easier early in life, where experiences are few and painful lessons in life have barely started. I remember as a child not only not judging people but loving everyone I met, much to the chagrin of my very stressed parents when I would follow strangers to their homes and spend hours with them before heading on home myself well after dark. This was a time when telephones weren’t available in every household, and that included my parents, so it wasn’t like I could ring home and let them know I was still alive.

As painful lessons began, from bullying to rudeness to downright spiteful acts from other people. It’s easy to put a label on the type of person they are, so that people become categorized based on bad experiences. For example, it’s easy to say, “Oh I don’t like him, he’s a Muslim and Muslims don’t like dogs and will cross the street to avoid them”. To a dog owner, this simple act can be an unforgivable sin. My mum would have been hurt by people that did this. I try to see the bright side of everything, so when a person crosses the road to avoid me or the dogs I’m walking, I think, good, more room for me!” When my neighbour and I used to walk our dogs together, all small breeds, and people crossed the street to avoid us, my neighbour would say out loud to them, “oh it’s ok, they won’t hurt you, they’ve already eaten!” Many people never seemed to get the joke which I thought was rather sad. Or it’s just as easy to say oh I don’t like Middle Eastern people, their kind have blown up buildings and killed thousands, so they’re all evil. But this is just as bad as extreme Muslims saying all Infidels must be killed or Hitler saying all Jewish must die because all Jewish are greedy and money hungry.

As many have said, just because there’s one rotten apple in the bunch, it doesn’t make all apples rotten. And yes, occasionally there’s a rotten apple that appears perfect until it’s cut open, but does that mean we have to judge all apples the same?

I’m not perfect myself, I do know what it’s like to be judged before people even talk to me. They judge me on my size, my appearance, my age, how much money I have, what clothes I wear before even saying hello and never really get to know me for the person I really am. I know I’m not the clothes I wear, I’m not the excess body fat, or the bearded face that people see. I’m a person with a wicked sense of humour with thoughts so deep that not everyone can fathom, and who keeps these parts of me buried until I feel I can trust someone enough to share them to.

So I try my hardest to not judge others as I know they’re not just the colour of their skin or the religion they worship or the clothes they wear. Instead, I try to get to really know the person, give them the chance to show me who they really are and to show me the world through their eyes.

So for me, the most important value I choose to live by that basically covers all aspects of life is, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

© - Carol Nemes 7th August 2015

Christina's Log: Sunday : 02:00 Amman, Jordan.

I have arrived at my destination and jet lag has me up at 0:200 writing this. The flight from the states sees me unfortunately stuck in the middle seat and, of course, why just be in the middle seat if you can't be in the middle seat that does not recline? If things are bad not just go for worse? The flight to Frankfurt was full. The two men on either side of me seemed like the type that could sleep well on stones and various awkward positions, so they each turned on the screen in front of them to a movie and promptly fell asleep, in the reclining mode, no less. Why not be more comfortable? As my eyes tried to read a book from the Kindle on my lap, while my spine is forced in the upright position, the two screens flickered distractingly. On one side Thor and his gang save the world and on the other a father looks for a kidnapped girl (his daughter, maybe) while killing everything in his path to get to her. I suddenly realized that I did not need to hear anything, Hollywood movies were just as good with the sound off. I also discovered a new talent. My eyes can multitask! I can read and watch two movies at the same time! As for the book, it was such great writing I forgot what it was about.

The plane landed in Frankfurt and I was so tired from lack of sleep, which was compounded with only the three hours of sleep from the night before, I could barely keep them open. I had eight hours to kill in Frankfurt and luckily I had the foresight to book a dayroom at the airport hotel. Like a zombie, I followed the signs out and got my passport stamped, trying to remember on the way which hotel I booked. My fuzzy brain was having a rough time recalling that fact. As I dragged my carry-on behind, I wrestled with my sleep depraved mind. Things looked dream-like and not real to me. Did that guy in front of me have two heads? Did this woman stop and pull out a bear from her purse? Too tired and exhausted to care, I trudged on. I stopped to ask this thing, that looked like it just landed off an alien space craft, if their was an airport hotel somewhere around. There were two, the Sheraton and the Hilton. I still could not recall which one I booked. But I was fifty percent sure it was the Sheraton. As it was the first airport hotel in my sight I tried that first. It was. After six hours of sleep, that only a vampire would have enjoyed, I woke up and made it on time for my next flight.

I arrived at 02:00 to Amman and was happy to see my cousin and her husband waiting for me. They could barely keep their eyes open themselves, as they had to stay awake so as not to miss picking me up. Sweet cousins.

After hanging out to chat for a while, I went to bed at 04:00. I am up at 10:00 A.M. Chat more with my cousins, eat and watch two more movies (the sound on) while beating the desire to sleep at the wrong time. Around midnight I happily feel the urge to sleep. An hour and a half later I am wide awake. I am desperate to sleep again so that I do not learn to fear daylight. Being a vampire is not what it is deemed to be, in my opinion. I am signing off and while I am in the kitchen I will check into the fridge and find something to wile my time away. Maybe a game of solitaire will help me doze off while I munch. I can't wait for the rest of this vacation.

Signing off...
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Looking for fellow writers!

Name: Natalie
Age: 31
Location: London, England
About Me: Avid reader and writer working on a trilogy of novels and the occasional short story.
About my journal: I generally post about my adventures in writing, books I'm reading, video games, music (mainly metal/punk/classic rock), history, plus various movies and TV shows I geek out over.
What I write: Original fiction - Supernatural/fantasy/sci-fi/horror in a range of historical settings.  Think vampires in Victorian London, Elizabethan witches, and Wild West werewolves.  
What I read: Science fiction, horror, fantasy and non-fiction history.  Favourite authors are Iain M. Banks, Stephen King, Philip K. Dick, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett and George RR Martin.  Historical periods I read about are Victorian, Tudor, Elizabethan, Georgian, The American West and The English Civil War.
What I'm looking for: Fellow writers, particularly those who post about the processes of writing and about potentially getting their work published or self-published.  I'm open to offering advice/support to other aspiring writers, and I'm more than happy to be a beta reader.

Add me?

-31 years old and female
-live in St. Louis, MO
-live with my boyfriend
-have my degree in Psychology
-diagnosed bipolar type 1 when I was 18
-diagnosed with panic disorder when I was 28

My journal will talk about a variety of things. Living with bipolar and panic disorder will be a part of it because it is a part of my life. I also like to just write about my day and what's going on in my life.

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Name: Jas

Age: 34

Location: Middle of Nowhere in Michigan

About Me: I'm a married freelance novelist who is under employed as a cashier.  I enjoy sewing my own bags and purses, graphic design and day dreaming among other things.  I'm introverted and get exhausted with excessive interaction with people.

About my journal: I've had about four journals on here since I joined about fifteen years ago in college, this being my 'newest' incantation of it is pretty sparse, but I'm going to be writing about every day life, I guess.  Rants, lists, reviews.  I don't always post my fiction, but if I think it is REALLY good, then I will.

What I write: Fan fiction- this waxes and wanes, depending on my mood.  Favorites are Supernatural and Star Trek. I also am working on my novel which has been in the works seemingly forever. I'm not really sure what genre it would fit into to be honest.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

What I read: I enjoy horror stories as long as they aren't too violent.  I also read YA books because they're easy to digest during breaks at work..

What I'm looking for: Friends ultimately, I don't expect soul mates or anything, someone to bounce ideas off of maybe.

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NAME: Kristina

AGE: 32

INTERESTS & Hobbies:

Loom Knitting
Hanging Out With Friends

LOOKING FOR: Would really love some new friends here. Been on livejournal off and on for ten years. I try to post on a regular basics.

ANYTHING ELSE: Pet friendly, totally love animals. I do have mild to sever health problems as well. I do have filters for my journal too, sorry. It is on the spiritual side of things form time to time.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius / Pisces Cusps

Relationship Status: Single

What I Love: My parents, my sister, my friends, my animals, tranquility, being artistic, staying active, books.

What I Hate: Anxiety attacks, depression, loosing people I care about, people not being open enough to see outside your'e point of view, Modern Day Hollywood ( the way people act there ! ) , racism, sexisim.

T.V Series: Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Twilight Zone (others).

Movies: Marvel and D.C movies, Horror movies, Jurassic Park, Apollo 13, (others).

Music: Adele, Radiohead, Johnny Cash, Soundtracks (others).

Broadway: the Phantom of the Opera, Elizabeth das Musical, Les Miserables, (others).

Books: Divergent Series, the Once and Future King, the Program Series (others).
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I'm M, a 30 y/o balancing a family, a career, writing, and sanity in the Northeastern U.S. These days, I mostly write original fiction and but I also do fan-works from time to time (Merlin, Hemlock Grove, Confessions of Dorian Gray, and in the past, Harry Potter).

The genres range wildly from historical based fantasy to modern dystopian worlds and do include so-called 'normal', every day type works. I tend to be angst heavy and my works generally feature some spectrum of sexuality, including but not limited to homo, hetero, bi/pan, and asexuality. They may feature polyamory, BDSM, slavery, non-consentual themes, drug/alcohol abuse and past history of child abuse. Despite the warnings, most of my original fiction pieces are plot heavy and not just "porn".

I like to read fictional plots and I'll read just about anything that catches my interest. My journal is friends-locked but you can find me under the same handle on A03 if you wanted to peruse before adding me.

Anyway, hi!