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Since I finally have something up...

Name: You can call me skullu. It's just an easy way of saying my initials, haha.
Age: Turning 16 in 11 days :)
Location: Southern California

About me: I cannot walk out of a used book store empty-handed. I just can't. It's against my very nature. Beyond that, I like to read and write, obviously, and also draw and make graphics because I'm loserly like that. When I'm in the library, I usually go to the shelves looking for something in one section, then end up wandering to the opposite spectrum of where I started from. I like to walk into random aisles and pull random books off the shelves, too, and just start reading them.

Oh, and this is my journal for original fiction. My main journal is xenoamorist; my fanfic/art journal is bittersweet_ink; my fanfic review journal that I haven't updated in forever is morirbound, and my graphics journal is helium_icons. Yes, I have far too many LJs; why do you ask?

I am also:
- a grammar Nazi;
- a linguaphile;
- an avid dreamer;
- a nerd;
- a fangirl; and
- as flexible of a critic as you want me to be.

What I read: Labels and nutrition facts, as well as advertising blurbs on random products within reach. No, really.

Okay, fine. Anything by Haruki Murakami and anything by Terry Pratchett. Weird mix, I know. I've also read all of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and all of the Harry Potter books. Tennessee Williams is also one of my heroes; I love his stuff. Oh, and I also love reading Gabriel Garcia Márquez and hope to read his works in the original Spanish someday, as I'm learning Spanish right now.

Other books that I've read that I enjoyed are Wide Sargasso Sea, The Great Gatsby, Candide, The Stranger... why, yes, these were all for English class, why do you ask? XD

Oh, and my favorite poets at the moment are E. E. Cummings (YES, his name is CAPITALIZED, damn you all) and Ogden Nash. I have others that I'm far too lazy to remember, though.

What I write: Well, I'm heavily influenced by Murakami, haha, so that should tell you a little bit about me. Also, I am incapable of ever finishing anything. EVER. My NaNo project for '06 (which can be found at i_venti—joys, another LJ, LOL) ended at around 35K, which is pretty much the longest thing I've ever written. So, I focus a lot on short stories.

I like writing about the slow descent that people take into becoming insane or into developing their personality that is outside social norms. Those are usually what my short stories deal with—weird human behavior and how it comes about. The current writing project that I'm about to undertake, meanwhile, is one where I get to mash all my unused plots and characters together, and will involve epic amounts of bending manipulation of time, elements, and the like. Err, it's hard to explain.

Especially when I don't have a concrete plot yet, LOL.

Oh yeah, I like to write surreal stuff, too. Erm, just general weirdness, I suppose. LOL. The one story that's at my LJ right now is about a guy who sees a girl in a museum, thinks she's cute; she gradually turns into candy before his eyes and—well, I won't spoil it for you. XD

What I don't read or write: I cannot stand reading Lord of the Rings. I'm sorry, I just can't. It's just so flowery and dramatic and over-blown; anything where most, if not all, of the characters have names that look like letters were drawn out of a hat makes me a bit queasy. Doubly so if there are lots of apostrophes in their names. Also, I just can't stand Eragon for some reason. I haven't read it, but whenever I try to start, I just can't get past the first few pages.

Also, I don't like Charles Dickens. I've tried—really tried—to read some of his stuff, but I just... can't. I don't like those kinds of classics; they just bore me.

Finally, I hate a lot of those modern paperbacks. Okay, not hate; I just feel that they're all carbon copies of each other. Random murder; police force after the murderer; snarky female protagonist; always some random tense love relationship; yadda yadda yadda. It's all the same. Romance novels also bore me.

Could you edit another's writing? Yes. I do it all the time. XD I can be as nitpicky or general as you want me to be; I can be brutally honest or just give you suggestions. If you really want me to be nitpicky, I can go through your stuff line by line and tell you what I think would help you improve it even more.

Anything else? My AIM is bombme GUERNICA; my MSN is noctigavus@yahoo.com; my Y!IM is stephany_q_lu; and I have an unhealthy obsession with the Dadaist art movement. Haha.

Also, I'm very forgetful. So I tend to repeat myself, a lot. Also, this journal is friends locked, but I'll add you if you leave a comment either here or on the post itself at my journal. (If you comment there, though, please leave a note saying that you saw this post here.)

Who I want to meet: Authors with a sense of humor (which may or may not be apparent through their writing; hell, I know that my humor isn't apparent through my writing a lot); people who don't mind if I occasionally crack a pun at their username (trust me, I've done it too many times); people who understand the fact that comments motivate me and give me ego boosts and therefore give me lots, LOL; people who realize that longer comments with some good concrit mean a lot more to me than "omg it wuz good"... etc.

Oh, and you must be able to tolerate CAPSLOCK and strikethrough comments if we are to be good friends. Because I abuse those a lot once I get to know you. A look at some of the comments on my regular LJ, xenoamorist, will give you a general idea of what I'm talking about. XD

Err, yeah, I think that's it. I already mentioned that this journal is f-locked, right? Yeah, then that should be it. I'm not as witty as phlogiston9000, even though I'd like to imagine that I am, haha.

PS: Those emo letters, don't read them. LOL. They were written on the spur of the moment.

PPS: This is far too long.
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