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19 October 2014 @ 10:10 am

I'm M, a 30 y/o balancing a family, a career, writing, and sanity in the Northeastern U.S. These days, I mostly write original fiction and but I also do fan-works from time to time (Merlin, Hemlock Grove, Confessions of Dorian Gray, and in the past, Harry Potter).

The genres range wildly from historical based fantasy to modern dystopian worlds and do include so-called 'normal', every day type works. I tend to be angst heavy and my works generally feature some spectrum of sexuality, including but not limited to homo, hetero, bi/pan, and asexuality. They may feature polyamory, BDSM, slavery, non-consentual themes, drug/alcohol abuse and past history of child abuse. Despite the warnings, most of my original fiction pieces are plot heavy and not just "porn".

I like to read fictional plots and I'll read just about anything that catches my interest. My journal is friends-locked but you can find me under the same handle on A03 if you wanted to peruse before adding me.

Anyway, hi!